Chapter 5


research (Photo credit: suttonhoo)

Chapter 5 is all about research: what to research, where to research and how to figure it all out. Going along with one of my last posts about ethics, being a credible source is so incredibly important for public relations professionals. One of the major ways to be sure that your work is credible is by doing your research.

Not only does researching help you credibility, it also helps you gear your message toward a specific audience.

This chapter was very helpful when it comes to knowing what you need to research. It lays out specific things to research for each audience base you may encounter such as the publics, the media and the web.

When dealing with the publics you first want to research the demographics of your target audience. You then want to weigh their psychographics to determine their stance on your company so that you can target your message accordingly. You also want to be aware of their knowledge of your client, their behavior towards them and also the extent of their media use.

When dealing with media you must research and consider what publics that outlet reaches and how frequently, and also the cost effectiveness of the outlet.

When dealing with the web you want to be aware of information regarding the size of the audience you will reach, what your audience is saying about your client and also what is currently being published about your client.


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